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Pro to the question "Should People Become Vegetarian?"

“A vegetarian menu is a powerful and pleasurable way to achieve good health…

Vegetarians have much lower cholesterol levels than meat-eaters, and heart disease is less common in vegetarians…

An impressive number of studies, dating back to the early 1920s, show that vegetarians have lower blood pressure than nonvegetarians…

The latest studies on diabetes show that a vegetarian diet high in complex carbohydrates and fiber (which are found only in plant foods) and low in fat is the best dietary prescription for controlling diabetes…

A vegetarian diet helps prevent cancer. Studies of vegetarians show that death rates from cancer are only about one-half to three-quarters of the general population’s death rates…

Vegetarians are less likely to form either kidney stones or gallstones. In addition, vegetarians may also be at lower risk for osteoporosis because they eat little or no animal protein…

It’s easy to plan vegetarian diets that meet all your nutrient needs.”

“Vegetarian Foods: Powerful Tools for Health,” (accessed May 11, 2011)

“PCRM promotes healthy diets, particularly vegetarian and vegan choices.”

PCRM 990 form (2009),


“Founded in 1985, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is a nonprofit organization that promotes preventive medicine, conducts clinical research, and encourages higher standards for ethics and effectiveness in research.” (accessed May 12, 2011)


“The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), founded in 1985, is headquartered in Washington, D.C. PCRM has the support of approximately 8,500 physicians and 120,000 lay members. PCRM works to promote nonanimal methods in research and education and adopting a plant-based diet for disease prevention and survival. Primary activites include outreach and education about nutrition and compassionate choices to healthcare professionals and the public; ending the use of animals in medical school curricula; and advocating for legislative changes on the local and national levels.”

“Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Inc.,” (accessed May 12, 2011)

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