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Famous Vegetarians & Vegans


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Scott Adams

Cartoonist, Dilbert


On Apr. 7, 2016, Adams tweeted, “People ask me how vegetarians get enough protein. Here’s how I get most of mine” alongside a photo of peanut butter, nuts, quinoa, cheddar cheese, and other products.

Source: Scott Adams,, Apr. 7, 2016

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Clive Barker

Horror Author


On Feb. 23, 2012, Barker tweeted, “Being a vegetarian has lost me more friends than being a gay man.”

Source: Clive Barker,, Feb. 23, 2012

JM Coetzee

Author, Nobel Laureate


Coetzee explained, “Yes, I am a vegetarian. I find the thought of stuffing fragments of corpses down my throat quite repulsive, and I am amazed that so many people do it every day.”

Source: Satya, “Animals, Humans, Cruelty and Literature: A Rare Interview with J. M. Coetzee,”, May 2004

Source: Ellen Aikins, “Review: ‘The Schooldays of Jesus,’ by J.M. Coetzee,”, Feb. 24, 2017

Source: Manuel Mendoza, “How Author and Musician John Darnielle Writes: ‘I Have Methods, But I’m Not Programmatic,'”, May 23, 2017

John Darnielle

Author, Indie Folk Singer-Songwriter


Darnielle explains, “I stopped eating meat in January of 1996, during a big blizzard in New York. I happened to see a movie in which some farmers were taking a hog to market, and they loaded him into the back of their flatbed and shot him with a rifle. It’s not like I hadn’t known about animal slaughter, but the hog looked so visibly stoked to be getting in the flatbed; he looked like a dog excited to be going for a ride. Who’d shoot a dog in a car excited to go for a ride? And I knew that pigs were considerably smarter than dogs, and something just clicked for me, and that was the end of that.”

Source: Candice DeForest, “Vegetarian Action: Indie Folk Rock Musician John Darnielle,”, 2012

Eve Ensler

Author, The Vagina Monologues


In her speech, “The Gift of Cancer,” Ensler wrote,
“I am in a new country
Nothing is familiar
Because the possibility of not dying
Is gone
Because I am now living in the land of the sick
Turns out my being a vegetarian-sober-nonsmoker-activist has not protected me at all.”

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Jonathan Safran Foer

Author, Eating Animals


“I realized I didn’t have a plan. I’d written a book and yet I felt surprised by my own lack of preparation. It’s easy to get lost in identifiers — I’m a vegetarian or vegan — or in emotions like someone’s got to solve this, or we should fly less.

A plan is in between these. It’s difficult because you have to confront the unambitiousness of your plan. You have to be honest. So I went back to my hotel and made my plan: eat vegan for breakfast and lunch. Eat vegetarian for dinner. Not fly on any vacations. Take only three cab rides a week. Give one full day a week to volunteering to help raise awareness of climate change.”

Source: Tom Levitt, “Johnathan Safran Foer: If You Care about Climate Change, Cut out Meat,”, Oct. 3, 2019

Jim Jarmusch



“I quit all drugs, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, nicotine, meat, everything at once [in 1986] to see, almost as a William Burroughs experiment, how my body and psyche would react, and what would come back. I’m still a vegetarian, and I never drank coffee again, except for once with Iggy [Pop].”

Source: Simon Hattenstone, “A Talk on the Wild Side,”, Nov. 12, 2004

Source: Chris Patmore, “Jim Jarmusch on the Future of Independent Film: ‘Cinema Needs to Be Reduced to Its Essential Poetry,”, Apr. 8, 2014

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Patrick McDonnell

Cartoonist, Mutts


When asked, “What are four things you absolutely must pack when you’re going out of town?,” McDonnell replied, “Being vegan, I always pack a healthy snack. Also something to read (usually a spiritual book, a novel, a comic strip collection, or a Nero Wolfe mystery), plus a pen and notebook.”

Source: Ali Datko, “Q&A with Patrick McDonnell: Keeping It Simple. And Real.,”, June 2, 2017

Alan Moore

Graphic Novelist


When asked whether he practiced white or black magic, Moore replied, “I’m with Austin Osman Spare… Magic is colourful’. There is a Satanism in which heavy metal bands looked for darkness, for cheap notoriety. My involvement with the occult is not about darkness, but about illumination… I don’t sacrifice many goats. As a vegetarian, that would feel kind of wrong.”

Source: London, Hollywood, “Alan Moore: My ‘Lost’ Interview on Books, Magic, Tattoos and the Source of Ideas,”, Dec. 4, 2013

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Jeremy Scott

Fashion Designer, Moschino


Scott explained, “I moved here [Los Angeles] because I was inspired by the color of the sky, the politics, the fact that I am a vegetarian and there are oodles of options.”

Source: Lizzie Widdicombe, “Barbie Boy: How Jeremy Scott Remade Moschino for the Instagram Era,”, Mar. 14, 2016