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Famous Vegetarians & Vegans

The celebrities listed below have spoken about following either a vegetarian or vegan diet as noted in each entry. According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, vegetarians who avoid all animal products, such as milk, eggs, and cheese, are known as vegans. Diet choices are personal and may change over time.


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Source: Kivo Daily, “Meet Silver Olympic Medalist & Switch4Good Founder, Dotsie Bausch,” (accessed Mar. 12, 2020)

Dotsie Bausch

Cyclist, 2012 Olympics silver medalist


Bausch stated, “I switched to a whole-foods, plant-based diet about two and a half years before the 2012 Olympic Games. I stood on the Olympic podium at almost 40 years old, the oldest competitor ever in my specific discipline. My diet change was the key factor in me being able to recover quicker, decrease inflammation, and have all of the stamina and energy I needed to compete against competitors who were 20 years my junior. When I won the silver medal at the 2012 London Olympic games, I was 100 percent vegan.”

Source: Lauren Mazzo, “This Ad Featuring Plant-Based Olympians Is the Anti-‘Got Milk’ Campaign,” (accessed Mar. 11, 2020)

Tia Blanco

Pro Surfer, International Surfing Association Open Women’s World Surfing Championship gold medalist


Blanco stated, “I’ve seen people chase the vegan diet as a trend or to lose a few pounds. but a vegan diet has huge impacts on the earth and your health. Before you start, research how to do vegan right.”

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Meagan Duhamel

Pair Figure Skater, Two-time World Champion, Olympic silver (2014), bronze (2018), and gold medalist (2018)


Duhamel said, “I think now more and more we’re seeing athletes thrive as vegetarians and as vegans, and I think we’ll continue to do so in the future. So many athletes are finding that they’re recovering from injuries and from training quicker by eating a plant-based diet as opposed to an animal-based diet.”

Source: Renee Cherry, “How Vegan Olympic Ice Skater Meagan Duhamel Fuels for Training,” (accessed Mar. 12, 2020)

Kendrick Farris

Weightlifter, 2008 & 2012 Olympics,


Farris noted, “When people think about particular diets, they often think about it in terms of what they can’t eat. People ask me, ‘Do you walk around and eat salads all day?’ I actually don’t even eat salads that often. But I like to think of it as having a lot of options. There are a lot of things you can eat.”

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Andy Lally

Race Car Driver, World Championship Street Luge Racer


Lally was vegetarian for six years before going vegan in 2010. He stated, “I respect all life and if I have the option to stay just as healthy and just as strong, if not stronger, by not torturing or enslaving or causing pain for other living things, I’m for it.”

Source: Anna Starostinetskaya, “Racecar Driver Credits Vegan Diet for His Success,”, Jan. 28, 2017

Alex Morgan

Soccer Player, US Women’s National Team (forward) & Orlando Pride (forward), World Cup champion (2019)


Morgan said, “I’m passionate about giving animals a voice. I even adopted a vegan diet, because it didn’t feel fair to have a dog I adore, and yet eat meat all the time.”

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NBA Players

The NBA has seen a trend of veganism, including players:
Wilson Chandler (Brooklyn Nets),
Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn Nets),
DeAndre Jordan (Dallas Mavericks),
JaVale McGee (LA Lakers),
& Chris Paul (Oklahoma City Thunder)


Chris Paul stated, “I chose a plant-based life. So far, so good. Not easy. But for me it’s working. I started plant-based in June [2019]. I went cold turkey. I tell you: I was itching. I thought I needed a chicken wing or something. But somehow I made it through. I had the opportunity to executive produce a movie/documentary called Game Changers, which talks about plant-based diets and how it helps athletes. For me, being as competitive as I am, I looked at this and I was like: hold up, let me try this out. And I tried it, and the first thing that changes when you go plant based—and it might be too much information—is going to the rest room. It becomes … a lot faster. A whole lot faster.”

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Tennessee Titans Team Members

At least 15 of the NFL’s Titans team members went vegan for the 2018/2019 season, including the following who have remained vegan:
Derrick Morgan (linebacker),
DaQuan Jones (defensive lineman),
& Wesley Woodyard (linebacker)


Woodyard first said of his teammates’ change in diet, “Y’all crazy with this vegan thing. I’m from LaGrange, Georgia. I’m going to eat my pork.” But he soon changed his tune, saying, “My energy level’s gone up. And it’s just putting in good fuel to your body. And of course, it’s always hard to keep weight on [during the season]. But it’s worth it for me staying on top of my health.”

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Wesley Woodyard, one of 15 Tennessee Titans to go vegan for the 2018/2019 season
Source: Chipermc, “Wesley Woodyard, Tennessee Titans at Green Bay Packers (Preseason), August 9, 2018,”, Aug. 9, 2018

Source: Hannah Teter,, Jan. 6, 2020

Hannah Teter

Snowboarder, Halfpipe Olympic gold (2006) and silver (2010) medalist


Teter explained, “I went vegetarian after watching Earthlings. I had no idea how intense and how horrible factory farms are. I have such a love for animals that I can’t justify having their heads cut off for me. And the slavery of the dairy industry motivates me to go more vegan. I can’t justify animal slavery for my enjoyment. I love the Gandhi quote: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Animals can’t speak for themselves, but scientifically we know that they don’t want to die.”

Source: Avital Andrews, “Hannah Teter, Gold-Medal Snowboarder, Carves a Meaningful Life,”, Dec. 6, 2017

Venus Williams

Tennis Player, Former World #1, Olympic gold medalist in singles (2000) and doubles (2000, 2008, 2012), Olympic silver medalist in mixed doubles (2016)


Williams noted, “I started for health reasons. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and I wanted to maintain my performance on the court. Once I started I fell in love with the concept of fueling your body in the best way possible. Not only does it help me on the court, but I feel like I’m doing the right thing for me.”

Source: Alison Mango, “This Drastic Diet Change Helped Venus Williams Fight Her Autoimmune Condition,”, Jan. 12, 2017

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